Instructions for Authors



The text of the manuscript should be prepared in MS Word Cyrillic or Latin (Serbian Cyrilic, Serbian Latin). Font should be Times New Roman, font size 12 pt with single line spacing. All margins should be set to 2.54 mm for the page size to A4 with aligning and each paragraph indented. Text of the manuscript should not be longer than 15 pages with attachments (tables, illustrations).

The text should avoid unnecessary abbreviations and symbols. Also, authors should avoid foreign words, and if necessary, they should be translated into the Serbian language. Latin names must be written in Italic, and the for names of the drugs must be used generic names. Appliances and devices are listed under the original trade name and the product name.

Numbers should be written with a comma and with a maximum of two decimal places. Use the measuring unit of the International System of Units – SI system. Photos, charts, and tables should be included in the text, but because of better quality authors can send them in a separate folder with paper. It is desirable to have the high quality of the illustrations. With the paper, it should be submitted declaration, which can be downloaded HERE.


Veterinary Journal of Republic of Srpska publishes a scientific papers that meet technical criteria declared in the “Rulebook of publishing scientific publications” of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska.

Original scientific paper should have the following sections: title page, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion and list of references. If necessary, it can be written acknowledgments as last section of paper if the research funded by the project.

First page:

On the front page should be written:

Title of the article – should be short and informative. It must be written exclusively in capital letters, size 12 (pt). In the title should not be included abbreviations;

The author’s names – should be written under the title. Full names of the authors should be written. In superscript emphasize a number that indicates in a footnote of institutions name in which are authors employed;

Name and surname of the correspondent author shold be listed on the bottom of the page with a contact (e – mail and / or phone) and the name of the institution where the author is employed;


Abstract should be written on a separate page up to 250 words. In addition to the title and author’s name, a abstract should have the most important information from paper. It should be listed 3-6 keywords. Abstract is written in Serbian and English.


In the introduction of the paper must be described the topic that is been devoted to investigation. Emphasize the latest facts and scientific problems with the explanation of aim and their own testing. Introduction may not be to extensive. It is recommended that in the introduction are highlighted latest literature data. Introduction must justify the research.

Materials and Methods

Materials and methods need to clearly and concisely describe the materials and animals on which experiments were performed, and the methods that were used in the experiment.


The results should be presented in the form of text, tables, graphs and illustrations. Tables should be simple and clear, with a legend in which the explanation of abbreviations and symbols are noted. Each contribution should have a title (above the table, and below the chart and figure), which should be clearly stated what contribution shows.


The discussion should be carried out comparing the results of their own research with results of foreign and local authors who have dealt with the problem on the same or similar topics.


In conclusion, the authors should make a final review on the topics that are covered in paper.


Authors must use the Harvard method of citation. References must be current and topical. Because reducing the possibility of mistakes, the names of foreign authors are written in Latin and Italic. In the text, refer to the author’s name and year of publication (Nedić, 2012). If are ther two authors, it should be written the surnames of both authors and the year of publication (Spells and Morgan, 1998), and in the case of more then two authors, to the name of first author must added abbreviation ” et al.” (Nedić et al., 2011).

The list of references should be numbered in Arabic numerals and arranged alphabetically (Cyrillic and Latin).

Use the following system for arranging the references:

Journal article:

Nedic D., Tesic M., Baltic M., Plavsic B., Tajdić N., Mirilovići M (2011): Management and control program for suppression and eradikation of classical swine fever in Serbia . Acta Vet 61: 295-307.


Tesic M., Nedic D. (2011): Menadžment veterinarske prakse, Fakultet veterinarske medicine, Beograd.

Chapter in the book:

Alderson GLH (1991): A system to maximize the maintenance of genetic variability in small populations. In: Alderson L. (Eds.) Genetic Conservation of Domestic Livestock, CAB International, Wallingford, pp. 18-29.


Aleksic – Kovacevic Sanja (2005): Limfomi pasa i mačaka, Mladost Biro, Beograd.

Abstracts and short summaries from the proceedings:

Ćupić V., Trailovic D., Dobrić S., Velev R (2005): The importance of rational use of drugs in veterinary medicine. Proceedings of Workshop Clinica Veterinaria Ohrid, Macedonia, 3-7. September, 207-9.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Editor- in-Chief: Prof.dr. Drago N. Nedic (E-mail:

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